Link !

Josh Mannon @joshmannon August 6th at 2:05pm

Just messing around with the app....for those looking for diaper deals- best I’ve come across as of right now(especially for the amount you get) ymmv based on size needed and location. 😀


Tina Goldstein @tinagoldstein August 6th at 2:05pm
I'm sorry its prob pregnant brain but Idk at all what I'm looking at 🙈 How much would total be? Is there another luvs q I missed?. 1572322119

Edgar Brown @edgarbrown August 6th at 2:05pm
. 1572323304

Silviu Georgescu @silviugeorgescu August 6th at 2:05pm
Those packages are 4.99 at my Walmart. 1572333258

Christy Johns 2019/10/28
Photos from Kristin Gressett's post.

This was my first time going and with all this I only spent a grand total of about 20 dollars!! I'm so excited! And thank you to whomever posted about the guns!😁😁😁

Daniel Wait 2019/10/28
Photos from Thalia Ivonne's post.

My first DG haul( ALL DIGITAL ONLY). I had gone with different items in my list and I had to rearrange it all since most items I had were gone lol . Total of $24.55 Oop paid $13.59 Savings of $10 I did not save the actual inserts used but if you have the DG App & add the exact items like my list below you will have the same transaction as I have. (My Gain flings bag is not in picture since I was using it)

Zoe Valentine 2019/10/28

I did 2 different transactions. First transaction was the Jello and Betty Crocker paid $13.95 and saved $11.65. My second transaction was the Tidy Cat litter, Gain, and my kids needed toothpaste. I paid $10.06 and saved $7.50 on the last transaction. The cat litter 10lb bag is b1g1

Matt Conti 2019/10/28

ALL DIGITAL COUPONS I’m barely learning lol. Just went for a quick trip right now total $9 before tax $17.25 in savings

Manuel Canela 2019/10/28

Hi im new to this,Anyone have any ideas how to use the dipers coupons? I have 2babies pls help 😭