Link !

Tabatha Sutton @tabathasutton August 6th at 1:46pm

Got a $5 off $20 dq and some pq....whats a good scenario


Eagles Wings @eagleswings August 6th at 1:46pm
i would wait till next week gain comes back on sale @ 3.95. 1572320875

Don Samuels @donsamuels August 6th at 1:46pm
Can you use 5$ off $20 DC and 5$ off $25 at once?. 1572321044

Bryan Estes @bryanestes August 6th at 1:46pm
. 1572321729

Roy Valdes @royvaldes August 6th at 1:46pm
. 1572321733

Ellen Yancey @ellenyancey August 6th at 1:46pm
Add $.50 cents to your subtotal because I had a $.50 cent dq that I clipped a while ago.. 1572324355

Renju Rajan @renjurajan August 6th at 1:46pm
7.50 x 3 (75 oz gain) 2 x 2 (34 ct gain dryer sheets) ends up being free $5/25 & $5/20...& minus $10..... 1572333220

Jeff M @jeffm August 6th at 1:46pm
And If u wait til when they back ar 3.95. 1572333267

Zoe Valentine 2019/10/28

I did 2 different transactions. First transaction was the Jello and Betty Crocker paid $13.95 and saved $11.65. My second transaction was the Tidy Cat litter, Gain, and my kids needed toothpaste. I paid $10.06 and saved $7.50 on the last transaction. The cat litter 10lb bag is b1g1

Matt Conti 2019/10/28

ALL DIGITAL COUPONS I’m barely learning lol. Just went for a quick trip right now total $9 before tax $17.25 in savings

Manuel Canela 2019/10/28

Hi im new to this,Anyone have any ideas how to use the dipers coupons? I have 2babies pls help 😭

Jamie Ritchie 2019/10/28

What’s the best deals on toilet paper and paper towels I have both digital an paper coupons.