Link !

Lorraine Howarth @lorrainehowarth June 3rd at 5:52pm

Got my febreze holiday scents, did 5 transactions total out of pocket $12.80.


James Halter @jameshalter June 3rd at 5:52pm
what is your bd. 1572308303

Cesar Enciso @cesarenciso June 3rd at 5:52pm
👀. 1572308581

Josh Bard @joshbard June 3rd at 5:52pm
Bd please. 1572308779

Zachary Saunders @zacharysaunders June 3rd at 5:52pm
Wonder if you can use the holiday febreze fabric refresher?Anyone tried it?. 1572308911

Anup Mitra @anupmitra June 3rd at 5:52pm
How did you do it mines saying 5. 1572309279

Jeannie Alvarez @jeanniealvarez June 3rd at 5:52pm
Details, please 🙂. 1572309838

Alison Chen @alisonchen June 3rd at 5:52pm
I got 4 of the $3 spray for $12 3$ of 2 febreze DG coupons $2 of when you buy $12 febreze DG plus the buy one get one on this week papers.. 1572309920

Ryoko Nomura @ryokonomura June 3rd at 5:52pm
Same store? I feel embarrassed getting back in line for some reason with a new account.. 1572310141

Sarah Kariuki @sarahkariuki June 3rd at 5:52pm
Is it only a paper coupon ?. 1572310385

Ankit Ghosh @ankitghosh June 3rd at 5:52pm
Nice. 1572310979

Lauren Johnson @laurenjohnson June 3rd at 5:52pm
Wow 🤩🤩🤩. 1572311182

Stefan Stensson @stefanstensson June 3rd at 5:52pm
Unfortunately there aren’t very many in the stores. How frequently does DG Restock?. 1572312107

Stephanie Rua @stephanierua June 3rd at 5:52pm
I'm all confused reading previous post.. ..can u please just tell me what to pick up and what coupons (d & paper) I have both...just ordered my b1g1 so I'll be straight.if u dont mind thx in advance I have 15 acct. 1572312275

Rachel Ivy @rachelivy June 3rd at 5:52pm
. 1572312679

Vu Phuong Lien @vuphuonglien June 3rd at 5:52pm
Where does it say it has to be holiday? I see pics of holiday but that doesn't mean you have to buy holiday unless it's stated. What did I miss? Tia. 1572313793

Umesh Rastogi @umeshrastogi June 3rd at 5:52pm
Eva Whitetree. 1572316958

Quentin Mcdowell 2019/10/28

I have a store in town with a remodel coming up. They were doing inventory today. Does that mean remodel is really soon?

Scott Embree 2019/10/28
Photos from Leona Garza's post.

For those who aren't understanding the deal for the Jell-o no bake cheesecake mix this is how i would break it down for you. hope you all understand. Happy to help 💏♥️