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Evi Demetriou @evidemetriou June 3rd at 7:52pm

Any all digital diaper/wipe scenarios?


Zach Babcock @zachbabcock June 3rd at 7:52pm
That’s what I be looking for 😁. 1572308019

Pat Walling @patwalling June 3rd at 7:52pm
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Quentin Mcdowell 2019/10/28

I have a store in town with a remodel coming up. They were doing inventory today. Does that mean remodel is really soon?

Scott Embree 2019/10/28
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For those who aren't understanding the deal for the Jell-o no bake cheesecake mix this is how i would break it down for you. hope you all understand. Happy to help 💏♥️

Jason Ba 2019/10/28
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Approved by John Mata Full sets thread only ✅✅✅ No clipped on here🤗❗️❗️❗️ Direct message only 10/27 sets Rmn/ SS With PnGs yes TIDE 🔥 all 3 inserts Yes bogo febreeze 1.40 10/20 Rmn or ss .30 each Ship daily from Texas Previews below 😳 please don’t ask expiration on these they are Sunday and last week Add 8.00 ship up to 100 inserts depending on thickness Cash app Fb pay Not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or delayed mail No refunds 🚫

Tiffany Herrera 2019/10/28

2 transactions. First 6 were free. The 2nd totaled $5.90. So basically buy 2 and get 10 free.