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John Kas @johnkas February 19th at 7:56am

What’s the best and cheapest febreze scenario using only digital coupons?


Mahmoud King @mahmoudking February 19th at 7:56am
4 products for $5 before tax is all I've figured out. Must be holiday though. $3 off 2 DQ / $2/$12 plus the in-store $2/$12. 1572303564

Akshay Koul @akshaykoul February 19th at 7:56am
🤔 f.... 1572303678

Ivy Benjamin @ivybenjamin February 19th at 7:56am
F.... 1572303782

Jody Lara @jodylara February 19th at 7:56am
F. 1572305138

Jerald Turner 2019/10/28

The coke deal for 4/10 is back. I just added it yesterday. Text Jolly to 34898 and it texts back the link for the 4/10 coupon.

Eva Marie Gonzales 2019/10/28

Hello everyone, can someone tell me where to begin? I’m assuming download the app?

Jules Gill 2019/10/28
Photos from Brittney Powlish's post.

Question, are you able to use both these in the same transaction? I know generally store coupons can not be combined with other store coupons, but if they are not being used on the same items I was wondering if it would work.

Jerry Krauss 2019/10/28

I dont think my digital coupon is attaching for the cheesecake? Am I looking at it wrong?