Link !

Jerry Krauss @jerrykrauss February 19th at 10:26am

I dont think my digital coupon is attaching for the cheesecake? Am I looking at it wrong?


Devesh Pathak @deveshpathak February 19th at 10:26am
The BOGO is a DG special that adds at checkout. 1572300306

Tina Carrasco @tinacarrasco February 19th at 10:26am
It will attach at the register...mine did the same a few minutes ago...but worked out at the register. 1572300431

Bob Rathburn @bobrathburn February 19th at 10:26am
. 1572305690

Tomer Glick @tomerglick February 19th at 10:26am
A store instant savings will not show up on your app it will at register. 1572305720

Mike Barta 2019/10/28

What’s the best and cheapest scenario for febreze using ONLY digital coupons? Please please help a girl out lol

Keshav Chandak 2019/10/28

I’m new to your group and I have been having issues with my DG app. My email and phone number are correct on my app. when I use my number at the register none of my coupons are loading up. What should I do? The manager has to manually enter them. I don’t want to hold up the line. I want to get in and out quickly. Suggestions anyone?

Raj Manchanda 2019/10/28

If my store doesn't offer DGGo, can I still use it to scan prices as I go? From home it clearly does nothing, will it work when I get there?

Stephanie Marley 2019/10/28

If u return something and u got store discounts and used q's how do they refund the purchase price?