Link !

Nina Blank @ninablank June 3rd at 6:52pm

Why does my app say scan more items to unlock coupons?


Brenda Roseberry @brendaroseberry June 3rd at 6:52pm
🤷🤷. 1572298355

Brandy Stratton @brandystratton June 3rd at 6:52pm
I'm new to this so I dont get it I'm gona miss out on so many deals if I cabt use some of the coupons. 1572298415

William Penninger @williampenninger June 3rd at 6:52pm
Thats when their is a deal going on like store savings. Like when u buy $8 worth of dial and other products you instantly save $2 so probably some of the iteams your scanning are included in an instant savings. 1572298608

Za Zac @zazac June 3rd at 6:52pm
you have to reach the limit stated on the coupon.. 1572298621

Harry Golden @harrygolden June 3rd at 6:52pm
Like this one. 1572298715

Sara Nabil @saranabil June 3rd at 6:52pm
So when it says tht add more than one iteam too unlock or see the coupn or sale going on. 1572298762

Jim Ogilvie @jimogilvie June 3rd at 6:52pm
That one doesn't ever come off in the cart. Just make sure you get $6 of Kraft stuff.. 1572299409

Nurul Afsar @nurulafsar June 3rd at 6:52pm
🤦🏼‍♀️ohhhhh wow I'm like why can I save the coupon but when I add the stuff to my list the coupon wont apply. Lmfao thank you.. 1572299416

Jackie Duvall @jackieduvall June 3rd at 6:52pm
Ok now I have to redo my list. I was just about to post this to see if it looked good? My first time going for multiples. 1572299503

Becca Pelletier @beccapelletier June 3rd at 6:52pm
Ok is the oreo one not included?. 1572315398

Candi Alexander @candialexander June 3rd at 6:52pm
Oreo?. 1572317957

Keshav Chandak 2019/10/28

I’m new to your group and I have been having issues with my DG app. My email and phone number are correct on my app. when I use my number at the register none of my coupons are loading up. What should I do? The manager has to manually enter them. I don’t want to hold up the line. I want to get in and out quickly. Suggestions anyone?

Raj Manchanda 2019/10/28

If my store doesn't offer DGGo, can I still use it to scan prices as I go? From home it clearly does nothing, will it work when I get there?

Stephanie Marley 2019/10/28

If u return something and u got store discounts and used q's how do they refund the purchase price?

Tom Digby 2019/10/28

Im new at this and really would love to start but im stuck not sure where to start first! Could anyone help please! Thank you in advance! 😊

Roxana Roxi 2019/10/28

Anyone get the oreo cheesecake to attach? My coupon wouldnt attach but people are getting

Louis Van Aswegen 2019/10/28

Help please. I'm trying to prepare for the chesecake deal. But I can't find the bogo coupon for it. Will it automatically apply or my account is bugging?