Link !

Amr Elhady @amrelhady August 6th at 1:44pm

*GROUP RULES PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING* * Do not promote/post any other groups in here * Do not post referral codes of any kind this includes apps like ibotta/fetch * Do no ask or post any type of iso for inserts/paper coupons we have ONLY ONE approved fairy Lenore Martinez * Do not post anything that includes paper coupons the group name clearly says DIGITAL COUPONING ONLY for a reason * Do not post any type of giveaways these are not approved whatsoever unless me or Lenore Martinez are doing it ourselves * This is a Dollar General group with that said don't post anything related to stores that aren't Dollar General even if it's a really good deal * Screenshots from other groups/social media of breakdowns are allowed just state that the picture isn't yours Lenore Martinez are the only Admins, failure to comply with these rules will result in an immediate removal/ban from the group and you will not be re-added so please do not message us if you do get banned the only reason you'd get banned is if you fail to comply with the above rules.


Tessa Olivier @tessaolivier August 6th at 1:44pm
Why don’t u get more admins. 1572292550

John Ayers @johnayers August 6th at 1:44pm
Thank you! I would love to know how to use paper coupons at some point, but as a beginners, they're confusing at this point. So I appreciate just digital for now!. 1572294399

Simon Connelly @simonconnelly August 6th at 1:44pm
Thanks for all the hardwork. 1572295038

Alice Hobbs @alicehobbs August 6th at 1:44pm
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍. 1572295494

Panayiotis Kyprianou @panayiotiskyprianou August 6th at 1:44pm
Finally! All digital post 🀩🀩🀩 thank you admin!. 1572295598

Ciro Ramirez @ciroramirez August 6th at 1:44pm
Agreed!. 1572295762

Darren Hutton @darrenhutton August 6th at 1:44pm
Agreed. 1572296651

Elizabeth Nepomuceno @elizabethnepomuceno August 6th at 1:44pm
❀️. 1572296664

Giovanni Toledo @giovannitoledo August 6th at 1:44pm
Agreed. 1572297103

Patrik Petersson @patrikpetersson August 6th at 1:44pm
Agreed. I use digital more than paper most of the time. 1572297164

Bianca Montemayor @biancamontemayor August 6th at 1:44pm
Agree!!. 1572297344

Donal Power @donalpower August 6th at 1:44pm
Agreed. 1572297413

Ivan Zecevic @ivanzecevic August 6th at 1:44pm
Im not sure if i posted anything with paper coupons if i did i didnt realize it was not allowed to post those deals so sorry if it was anything by me. 1572298684

Leighann Stewart @leighannstewart August 6th at 1:44pm
Thank you so much!. 1572299055

Jessica Cassel @jessicacassel August 6th at 1:44pm
Agreed. 1572299439

Margaux Simon @margauxsimon August 6th at 1:44pm
πŸ‘πŸΌ. 1572299832

Susie Renner @susierenner August 6th at 1:44pm
My post from earlier did not follow this, I apologize! I can't seem to find it to delete it if you come across it please let me know and I will get it deleted. Agreed πŸ‘Š. 1572300656

Derrick Rodgers @derrickrodgers August 6th at 1:44pm
Agreed. 1572300747

Russell Dunkley @russelldunkley August 6th at 1:44pm
Agreed!. 1572300998

Lucero Valdez @lucerovaldez August 6th at 1:44pm
Agree. 1572301798

Edith Bernal @edithbernal August 6th at 1:44pm
Thank you. 1572302053

John Rutkowski @johnrutkowski August 6th at 1:44pm
Agree. 1572302145

Rueben Ramirez @ruebenramirez August 6th at 1:44pm
Agree. 1572302356

Andrew Gaskin @andrewgaskin August 6th at 1:44pm
Ok Thx, Im new yall. yes I did do a post asking could I use a paper coupon with my Dollar General Digital coupons. I did not mean no harm. Im learning. 1572303002

Katie Kovach @katiekovach August 6th at 1:44pm
Agree. 1572305093

Steve Provo 2019/10/28

Can someone tell me how many boxes of cheesecake to get for the lowest oop? I only have one account so will only be able to use one digital coupon. And does all the flavors work?

Vickie Briscoe 2019/10/28

Guys my scanner won't put anything into my cart! What's wrong with it??? Anyone else have this issue????

Ellen Jacinto 2019/10/28

Does anyone have any good scenarios for toilet paper/ paper towel. I know these things aren’t typically cheap. I found one 15$ but the coupons aren’t available anymore. Any help would be appreciated!! Thank you ☺️

Wayne Trombley 2019/10/28

FINALLY found some! And get this I had just finished my interview with DG for store manager, went outside and grabbed my wallet just to come back in and get these and a coke. 😊😊 I told them my stores were empty and they said girl we got plenty go get you some more! I think I’ll be traveling an hour to go get deals from now on!

Greg Jenkins 2019/10/28

It's a go -1 I gave to my buddy at the laundry mat lol alot of people are making this very confusing for alot of the beginners me and my cashier tried several different ways and we found best if you follow belowπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ I tried it like the original post and it was coming out to $5.** You have to have cashier scan all four items for (IS) Enter your digital Then give your paper BOGO coupon

Glenn Calhoun 2019/10/28

I'm so confused about the 6 pack deal.. What does the thing at the bottom mean? How do i get the 3 for 10 to work, and then the $4 off of $10? someone help🀣

Diego Andres 2019/10/28

When I get the $6 award on the subway app do i show the cashier or pay online? Thank you!!

Jared Adams 2019/10/28

Does this include trial/travel size? It doesn’t say it has any restrictions 🀨