Link !

Vickie Briscoe @vickiebriscoe July 12th at 3:31am

Guys my scanner won't put anything into my cart! What's wrong with it??? Anyone else have this issue????


Corey Conklin @coreyconklin July 12th at 3:31am
Mine kept telling me to select a store and when I selected the store I was in it kept telling me to select a participating store. 1572292474

Ellen Jacinto 2019/10/28

Does anyone have any good scenarios for toilet paper/ paper towel. I know these things aren’t typically cheap. I found one 15$ but the coupons aren’t available anymore. Any help would be appreciated!! Thank you ☺️

Wayne Trombley 2019/10/28

FINALLY found some! And get this I had just finished my interview with DG for store manager, went outside and grabbed my wallet just to come back in and get these and a coke. 😊😊 I told them my stores were empty and they said girl we got plenty go get you some more! I think I’ll be traveling an hour to go get deals from now on!

Greg Jenkins 2019/10/28

It's a go -1 I gave to my buddy at the laundry mat lol alot of people are making this very confusing for alot of the beginners me and my cashier tried several different ways and we found best if you follow below👇👇 I tried it like the original post and it was coming out to $5.** You have to have cashier scan all four items for (IS) Enter your digital Then give your paper BOGO coupon

Glenn Calhoun 2019/10/28

I'm so confused about the 6 pack deal.. What does the thing at the bottom mean? How do i get the 3 for 10 to work, and then the $4 off of $10? someone help🤣

Diego Andres 2019/10/28

When I get the $6 award on the subway app do i show the cashier or pay online? Thank you!!

Gary Southerland 2019/10/28

Has anyone come up with any scenarios using the $5 off $25 and gain $5 off $20 for this Saturday? Low OOP and no pq’s! TIA! I haven’t seen anything so far so figured I’d ask 🤗

Hennie Prinsloo 2019/10/28

Any good TP senerios? Going on Wednesday (cant make it saturday) and missed last weeks deals :/