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Ben Mcdavid @benmcdavid February 19th at 9:28am

Question & help 🤔 Can I use DG Dq. is 2/$3 Febreze + MFG buy 1get 1 free ? Do anyone have any scenerios?


Ong Lisa @onglisa February 19th at 9:28am
You cannot use both. Unless you buy 4. 1572285738

Meredith Macleod @meredithmacleod February 19th at 9:28am
. 1572285746

Waqas Zaidi @waqaszaidi February 19th at 9:28am
I got 4 sprays 2/12 dq 3/2 dq and 1 b1g1 pq paid 2.12. 1572285851

Milos Tadic @milostadic February 19th at 9:28am
What if u don’t have a paper coupon we’re can I get it fro?. 1572290541

Otis Wallace 2019/10/28

Can some one help me put a scenario together for these coupons I’m new to Couponing and just need a little help. 

Dan Saxby 2019/10/28

This is probably a dumb question, but I'm new to this. So I noticed the coupons in the newspaper/online for certain products are the same as the DG digital coupons. So is there a point to looking through my paper/online coupons for DG? Last week was my very first time couponing, I only used DG digital coupons and did pretty well. I'm assuming the way to get the best pricing with DG is just to match the digital coupons with the sale pricing...?

Chris Schaefer 2019/10/28
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First time couponing. Just started last week.. so happy with my progress. Sometimes it's a bit lonely going alone. Don't really have any friends. Just in different points in our lives so being in my 20s and not working. Most people my age don't care about saving a dollar or two. No one to share my experience and excitement with. So please give me some encouragement. Lord knows it's hard. I was a struggling with addictions. So this is my new addiction. 😁😁 But I'm happy, especially saving hubby and my family some money. I smile when I look at my little stock pile cause they could have been alcohol bottle but I turned them into tissue and other great items. I also have 8 bags of dog food not shown. U ladies are amazing, answering all my questions. Happy couponing. ***Edit..I put in a picture of my son... My reason for everything. And I know he's not using the tissue right now, but I'm getting ready for when he does 🤣 he's almost 2 😍