Link !

Will Holiday @willholiday June 3rd at 7:03pm

Who’s ready for easy holiday baking? OOP $2!


Jim Leopard @jimleopard June 3rd at 7:03pm
Between myself and the kids, we bought 12πŸ˜€. 1572283673

Jeremy Kranz @jeremykranz June 3rd at 7:03pm
I got 8. 1572284981

Trish Rafuse @trishrafuse June 3rd at 7:03pm
I made one last night. Little disappointed in the lack of filling πŸ˜‚. 1572285042

Al Bundi @albundi June 3rd at 7:03pm
BD please. 1572285304

Andrea Liew @andrealiew June 3rd at 7:03pm
I bought 18 yesterday and getting 16 more today lol. 1572289629

Rebecca Broome @rebeccabroome June 3rd at 7:03pm
My hidden gem Dollar General was completely sold out there was one left ha ha I stopped at the other one where everybody coupons and they were stocked full πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ. 1572289672

Jennifer Cheyne @jennifercheyne June 3rd at 7:03pm
. 1572289859

Blaine Sullivan @blainesullivan June 3rd at 7:03pm
What am I doing wrong and how to I get the b1g1?. 1572289873

Teddy Regala @teddyregala June 3rd at 7:03pm
So I can buy 4 and get for 2?. 1572291501

Chris Schaefer 2019/10/28
Photos from Denicia Houston's post.

First time couponing. Just started last week.. so happy with my progress. Sometimes it's a bit lonely going alone. Don't really have any friends. Just in different points in our lives so being in my 20s and not working. Most people my age don't care about saving a dollar or two. No one to share my experience and excitement with. So please give me some encouragement. Lord knows it's hard. I was a struggling with addictions. So this is my new addiction. 😁😁 But I'm happy, especially saving hubby and my family some money. I smile when I look at my little stock pile cause they could have been alcohol bottle but I turned them into tissue and other great items. I also have 8 bags of dog food not shown. U ladies are amazing, answering all my questions. Happy couponing. ***Edit..I put in a picture of my son... My reason for everything. And I know he's not using the tissue right now, but I'm getting ready for when he does 🀣 he's almost 2 😍

Kelli Mcinnis 2019/10/28

I'm trying to do the cheesecake deal and I've been to the closest 2 stores and they both told me that they dont participate in the weekly ads. How do I find a store that does??

Barbara Bohn 2019/10/28

Ok so I either need the gain coupons that work for tide or I need tide coupons I’m new to this and unsure on who to get them from