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Let's welcome our new members: Alice Li, Pankaj Sharma, Swift Alyssa, Aurora Fan, Ashley Beckham, Sarah Long, Jack Ma, Lolly Jay, Raymond Benson, May Yang, Livia Lee, Ana-Maria Brinza Nemeti, Sh Amma, Mayr Amaz, Loving Faissal, Ryszard Malek, Bushra Zuhair, Dumitru Sirbu, RJ Judith, Mohammad Alsaad, Constance Harper, Chris Jenkins, Victor Tran, Christiane Schulz, Farhan Naeem, Josh Wong, Ning Ling, Candice-Lee Mostert, Christine S. Williams, Carol Hild, Shan Lu, Ting Xue, Listen Wong, Feng James, Abeeha Xehra, Ann Tse, SB Daniel, Naik Vrajesh, Hank Li, Yock Robert, Bo Wang, Agnes Cai, Kirsk Jin, Abdul Malek, Dabid Lui,

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Let's welcome our new members: Marlaina Laughlin, Caver Qiu, IsaBella Wwr, Steven Smith, Kelvin Chan, Daria Smith, Iftikhar Khan, Ariana Hocking, Hans Peter Klein, Xiang Wang, Cuong Nguyen, Gu Niu, Jibon Mohonta, Yuanyaun Fang, Jeans Faze, Du Ge, Lynn Li, James Valentine, Marina Marina, Alex Kerish, Mark Wood, Muhammad Nur, Jujo Clark, Johnson Lee, Haoge Huang, Rick Walker, Tiffany Su, Priscilla Figundio, Andrei Gori, Dannie Brimmer, Pu Ming, Nicole Glez, Kings Dempal, Ellie Donnelly, Kristen Garcia, Feng Chen, Michelle Reiners, Ma Navazani, Lisa Redfearn Moore, Jillian Fafard, Melissa Gilbert, Terie Wease, Nicole Ellis, Hri Doy, Jack Brandy, Olivia Danielle Hunt, Wong Moi, Elise Gosse, Reena Baig, Abu Khan

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Photos from Jimmy Chan's post.

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