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Link !

Angie Correa @angiecorrea April 9th at 8:05pm

Yay... they had it!! Bought 4 @ BOGO free Used $2/$6 DQ $2.00 OOP +tax


Steve Heacock @steveheacock April 9th at 8:05pm
Where are you finding the coupon ?! Lol. 1572223147

Christina Limon @christinalimon April 9th at 8:05pm
It is a digital coupon on the dollar general app, $2 off of $6 or more of Kraft. Plus the cheesecake is in sale this week, buy one get one free. I got 4 today, after sale and coupon, I spent $2.02!. 1572223368

James Stearns 2019/10/27

I know it's early yet but does anyone have some good scenarios for sat 11/2 yet? Thanks

Speed Speedy 2019/10/27

Are there any paper qs to go along with this deal? If there isn’t this is still a great deal at $.33 each bottle...

Crissy Varela 2019/10/27
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Vincent Chui 2019/10/27
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