Link !

Speed Speedy @speedspeedy April 9th at 8:53pm

Are there any paper qs to go along with this deal? If there isn’t this is still a great deal at $.33 each bottle...


Antor Ahmed @antorahmed April 9th at 8:53pm
How would it be .33 each. 1572220240

Carlos Palma @carlospalma April 9th at 8:53pm
In philly it would be like $30...damn soda tax!!. 1572222842

Zak Barton @zakbarton April 9th at 8:53pm
There is a dollar off 2 on some of the 6pks in stores. Ive gathered a few waiting on this sale.. 1572292149

Todd Rosenberg @toddrosenberg April 9th at 8:53pm
There is a $2/3 coke coupon that attaches to dr pepper. My plan is to get 3 Dr. Pepper and 2 Sunkist for 5/$8. 1572296320

Kim Hampton @kimhampton April 9th at 8:53pm
F...... 1572303911

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