Link !

Jack Chiu @jackchiu August 9th at 10:43pm

I'm kinda lost here can someone give me the BD on the Febreze deal pls... Ty


Gazanfar Ali @gazanfarali August 9th at 10:43pm
. 1572212601

Jelena Krsmanovic @jelenakrsmanovic August 9th at 10:43pm
Megan Trammell was this 2 transactions?. 1572212844

Diogo Oliveira @diogooliveira August 9th at 10:43pm
At $3 each, even with a bogo, and with dq still not coming to $2 for me? BD? Looks like you got $18 worth?. 1572216556

Jeff Levene @jefflevene August 9th at 10:43pm
I'm getting so overwhelmed people are saying scan febreze then BOGO pq the scan scan enter # Others are telling me to scan everything give pq and then enter# 🤷🤦😭 omg. 1572269827

Sandra Soucy @sandrasoucy August 9th at 10:43pm
So why can’t u but 6 cans @ $3 each = 18 -$9 using 3 bogo coupons =$9 -$3/2=$6-$2/12=$4 for 6 cans?. 1572270230

Deborah Foreman 2019/10/27
Photos from Brittany Sellers's post.

Just Did The Cheesecake & Drink Deal Today Yall Better Get On It Especially Those Cheesecakes There Was Only 4 Boxes When I Got There So I Took Those Paid $6.00 + Tax Saved $13.25 💗💗💗 Breakdown: 4Boxes Of The $2 No Bake Cheesecake Plain Or Chocolate 3 Of The 6 Packs Of Coke Products Used The $2 Off Of Cheesecake Digital Bc They Are Buy 1 Get 1 Free This Week Used The $4 off Of 10 Coke Digital & The $2 Off Of 3 Of The 6 pack Digital

John F Wilson 2019/10/27

Could've had a lower OOP, but I wanted the double pack of small spaces! $10.00 plus taxes.

Rachael Whelan 2019/10/27
5oz. Canine Carry Outs Dog Treats (Sausage Links) - Deal Bakery.

**$0.80** ## [5oz. Canine Carry Outs Dog Treats (Sausage Links)]( [PET SUPPLIES]( [](

Jason Thigpen 2019/10/27
VIAIR 74p Portable Air Compressor - Deal Bakery.

**$29.99 $42.95** [VIAIR 74p Portable Air Compressor]( [AUTO PARTS&SUPPLIES]( [](