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Zack Sorrells @zacksorrells January 26th at 1:59pm

Kids needed snacks for school lunches, so this worked for me. Promo items with Jolly coupon. 4-2liters- $4 Pringles 3-$4 cheez-it 2/$1=2 Total $10 Jolly coupon $4 OOP $6 plus tax. Did this transaction on two accounts.


Joe Clayton 2019/10/27
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Pedro Ordonez 2019/10/27
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Okay I don’t know but I’m new to this and this is my 3rd time doing this couponing. something is telling me I could of got it a little cheaper any suggested?

Rebecca Massie 2019/10/27

Deal has been posted a million times but I think I'm good on cheesecake but still have more accounts can't beat 4 for $2 & cokes are bad I know but it's my coffee n I drink a lot so this deal is amazing