Link !

Don Nolan @donnolan February 19th at 9:28am

Do anyone have a deal on febreeze air fresheners...all digital...I don’t do paper coupons🤣🤣🤣


Tori Pike @toripike February 19th at 9:28am
I got 2 for 3$. 1572206423

Silas Scott @silasscott February 19th at 9:28am
Following. 1572206510

Sameer Adhikari @sameeradhikari February 19th at 9:28am
Following. 1572206679

Joe Barreto @joebarreto February 19th at 9:28am
Buy 2 Febreeze holiday scent Scan 1 BOGO febreeze paper coupon Buy 2 more holiday scent Then enter your # Total will be $2 plus tax If you don’t use PC it’ll be close to $5 or $5.xx. 1572206695

Matthew Clifford @matthewclifford February 19th at 9:28am
Family Dollar has a deal this week I think.. 1572207584

Patricia Kurniawan @patriciakurniawan February 19th at 9:28am
Where do u find the holiday scents, I can't find them in the store close to me. All I can find is holiday scented candles and they aren't febreze.. 1572209904

Myron Naidoo @myronnaidoo February 19th at 9:28am
Trusted, Fast, Reliable and Friendly Coupon Fairy from NJ. 🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️ I get early inserts every week. I post breakdowns and deals on my group page. Please check it out and feel free to join and share the link. It will be a big help in savings for your household expenditures. I am newbie friendly. 1572306504

Simon Hayhurst 2019/10/27

Cheesecake for desert tonight! Thank you all for posting your scenerios and your hauls! I forgot how much fun it was to coupon! 👍

Wali Noori 2019/10/27

Ok yall I need some insight I did my first big gain haul yesterday well I'm friends with the associates they treated me good well today they got in trouble even tho I'm not the first person to do this they were told they let me use to many coupons not in one transaction but in general! They also got in trouble bc I gifted them each a bundle of products witch I let them keep recipes for verification!! Is it against policy for them to keep a gift and also can one of yall read a gain coupon and explain to me if they had to follow all the details correctly what would be the limit per product? I feel so bad for them they didnt do anything out of the ordinary for me we only did 5 like coupons per item!!

Samantha Weathers 2019/10/27
Photos from Kelly Slusher's post.

Ok so I kinda need a little help I'm trying to see what I can do with these coupons to get the lowest oop deal an maybe not use my 5 off Saturday coupon so I can use it for something else but if not that's ok to I have a couple paper ones I can use for Saturday if I have to. Plus the cheese cake coupon that's not pictured it couldn't get all of it on there

Kath Riley 2019/10/27

Got 8 Jello Cheesecake for $4.95, two accounts. Used $2 off $6 Kraft Baking DQ Bogo free off Jello Cheesecake *Strawberry cheese cakes is $2.95

Nemanja Filipovic 2019/10/27
Photos from Ty Brandon's post.

Was this a bad haul ? I feel like it was because I just knew it could’ve been cheaper. The subtotal before the digitals was about 33.90 and after the digitals it went down to about 17.00 and some cents