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Wali Noori @walinoori July 4th at 5:17pm

Ok yall I need some insight I did my first big gain haul yesterday well I'm friends with the associates they treated me good well today they got in trouble even tho I'm not the first person to do this they were told they let me use to many coupons not in one transaction but in general! They also got in trouble bc I gifted them each a bundle of products witch I let them keep recipes for verification!! Is it against policy for them to keep a gift and also can one of yall read a gain coupon and explain to me if they had to follow all the details correctly what would be the limit per product? I feel so bad for them they didnt do anything out of the ordinary for me we only did 5 like coupons per item!!


Sudipta Barua @sudiptabarua July 4th at 5:17pm
Most stores only allow 4 coupons per like item but I went into a few stores yesterday and had 2 employees tell me that loss prevention had been in and they were cracking down on coupons so maybe that’s why. 1572205068

Mia Harris @miaharris July 4th at 5:17pm
Gain coupons say something like 1 per day or the like. Them accepting items from you is seen as bribery to allow you to do things against policy.. 1572205183

Mandy Kincade @mandykincade July 4th at 5:17pm
I was told 5 PQ’s total NOT per item. 🙄. 1572205432

Avinash Malik @avinashmalik July 4th at 5:17pm
The manager is just being rude. I have a manager here that helps me with bundles when something isn’t working right. And I even give her paper q so she can do them also.. 1572205683

Chad Radtke @chadradtke July 4th at 5:17pm
This is becoming a hassle and not knowing what to do and which way to turn I'm sticking with digital. 1572205684

Marius Knoetze @mariusknoetze July 4th at 5:17pm
I was very disappointed when I went into my DG earlier and the cashier had a printable tide coupon taped to the register saying they no longer accept printable coupons! I only used them one time and it was 3 coupons 😞. 1572205754

Dayanara Diaz @dayanaradiaz July 4th at 5:17pm
They failed to follow policy three times. 1. Gain says 1 per customer. 2. One transaction per customer. 3. Can not accept gifts from customers. They are lucky that they did not get fired. And could be 4 if the coupon was used on wrong item.. 1572210767

Samantha Weathers 2019/10/27
Photos from Kelly Slusher's post.

Ok so I kinda need a little help I'm trying to see what I can do with these coupons to get the lowest oop deal an maybe not use my 5 off Saturday coupon so I can use it for something else but if not that's ok to I have a couple paper ones I can use for Saturday if I have to. Plus the cheese cake coupon that's not pictured it couldn't get all of it on there

Kath Riley 2019/10/27

Got 8 Jello Cheesecake for $4.95, two accounts. Used $2 off $6 Kraft Baking DQ Bogo free off Jello Cheesecake *Strawberry cheese cakes is $2.95

Nemanja Filipovic 2019/10/27
Photos from Ty Brandon's post.

Was this a bad haul ? I feel like it was because I just knew it could’ve been cheaper. The subtotal before the digitals was about 33.90 and after the digitals it went down to about 17.00 and some cents

Helen Martell 2019/10/27
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👉Wireless Earbuds 👉Only For U.S 👉Absolutely 💥FREE💥 👉Refund after review with pp cover fee. 👉If you are interested in this product kindly pm.

Mariama Cham 2019/10/27
Photos from Jennifer Garner's post.

Newbie here!! How does this coupon work? I have the $6 in my cart for the cheese cake and marshmallows but it’s not attaching. Does it only apply at the register?