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Mary Chiu @marychiu July 4th at 6:09pm

Save an extra 20% off TONS of sale/clearance items at Macy's!!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯. #ad Use promo code SHOP for 20% off Let us know what deals you find!! Screenshot them in the comments βœ”οΈ


Christine Milam 2019/10/27

I have a question... When you go to do a scenario after the cashier rings you up do they need to press total before or after you put your number in?

Rein De Leon 2019/10/27

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Joshua Hartsell 2019/10/27

Just did this as my $5/501 deal!! 6 air wick oils $30 ($5 each) 4 cheesecakes $8 ($2 ones) Total $38.00 3 BOGO pq -$15.00 $3 off WYS $15.00 on air wick -$6.00 BOGO cheesecakes -$4.00 Digital coupon -$2.00 Digital coupon -$5.00 WYS $5.01 OOP $6.00! Happy Sunday y’all!