Link !

Christine Milam @christinemilam August 9th at 10:42pm

I have a question... When you go to do a scenario after the cashier rings you up do they need to press total before or after you put your number in?


Tj Marco @tjmarco August 9th at 10:42pm
i type my number in as they scan but honestly I've never had a problem .. 1572198538

Sherry Xu @sherryxu August 9th at 10:42pm
Yeah I type my number in as they scan items as well.. 1572198654

Jonny Steele @jonnysteele August 9th at 10:42pm
I do it as they scan. She asked me this morning if I had my number in before she hit total.. 1572198692

Syed Saad @syedsaad August 9th at 10:42pm
If you're doing gain 5/20 all your gain items need to be scanned first then the rest of your items if you want the 5/25 to come off too. On all my transactions my cashier did not hit total first and both of my coupons came off. 1572200492

Emre Erturk @emreerturk August 9th at 10:42pm
Don't let these ppl lie to you. You can put your number in at any time you want. I've done it while they were still scanning and after they hit total. Works the same way either way.. 1572208544

Nehal Omar @nehalomar August 9th at 10:42pm
Oh here she goes again running her mouth saying people are lying, she didnt say you had to do it that way, that's her way her opinion, everyone has one just like buttholes now do it your way. 1572210391

Subhajit Dhar @subhajitdhar August 9th at 10:42pm
I'm still very new to this but I had seen multiple times where people would say to make them press total then put your number in... Thats why I asked. 1572213640

Wendy More @wendymore August 9th at 10:42pm
So it doesn't matter if you they press total or not on a normal transaction?. 1572213800

Shao Xuan @shaoxuan August 9th at 10:42pm
Only difference I have ever seen was if they hit total first they need to back back out so it takes a few seconds to min longer unless it causes the computer to freeze then several mins longer. I do as ringing now and wait until everything stops coming off before I stick my debit card in as again doing that too soon can cause the computer to freeze up. 1572214932

Andrew Gillett @andrewgillett August 9th at 10:42pm
. 1572276038

Susan Hakim @susanhakim August 9th at 10:42pm
. 1572276063

Dylan Boardman @dylanboardman August 9th at 10:42pm
They tell me to do it after they ring up everything to make sure all coupons and everything go through. you have to do it before they hit total because thats when it wants you to pay so then they have to go back so you can put in your number. At least that is what happens at my store I shop at.. 1572277794

Rick Pierre @rickpierre August 9th at 10:42pm
You can put your number in while scanning. It slows down the register for a second or few, but it's quicker than letting the cashier hit total then having to back out.. 1572296771

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