Link !

Matt Loos @mattloos July 12th at 3:33am

What's the best thing to do since the 4 says that I have to get a snack


Jim Kroll @jimkroll July 12th at 3:33am
It works without the snack I got 3 12 pack for 6.00 and you can get 3 packs of bottles for 4.00. 1572159164

Trevor Bassett @trevorbassett July 12th at 3:33am
If you’re worried about it not coming off without a snack, pick up a 50 cent cheez it!. 1572159257

Felicity Stevens @felicitystevens July 12th at 3:33am
It work without snacks. 1572159378

Lynne Whyte @lynnewhyte July 12th at 3:33am
Thank you so much. I know every one hears this alot but I'm new and still learning. I get confused sometimes. I have 2 daughters doing band and competitions so these will help us alot on our trips.. 1572159392

Vincent Moseley @vincentmoseley July 12th at 3:33am
Add the $1 coupon also. 1572159416

Jeremy Gaffney @jeremygaffney July 12th at 3:33am
I did it 2x this morning. 1572159450

Colleen Caron @colleencaron July 12th at 3:33am
Do it work on dr. pepper?. 1572159956

Shayla Griffin @shaylagriffin July 12th at 3:33am
Mine worked without cheez it. 1572161500

Michelle Justice @michellejustice July 12th at 3:33am
It says on any coke , Pringle’s or cheez it’s .. so you can mix and match , could do all cheez it’s all coke all Pringle’s . And get 4 dollars off .. pop deal was best in my opinion .. 1572175884

Aditya Khandelwal @adityakhandelwal July 12th at 3:33am
Can u get mello yello?. 1572177375

Laurie Juspeczyk @lauriejuspeczyk July 12th at 3:33am
Does everyone not get the same coupons? I don’t have this one. 🙁. 1572178714

Sharon Hazard @sharonhazard July 12th at 3:33am
It's not saying you have to get a snack? It's saying the coupon is for coke, Pringles or cheez its.. 1572179244

Kim Zachary @kimzachary July 12th at 3:33am
I got 3 six packs of coke, used both & paid $4.36 total.. 1572179412

Matthew Quinton @matthewquinton July 12th at 3:33am
Didn’t buy a single snack.. 1572179597

Bo Thompson @bothompson July 12th at 3:33am
I got 6 6pks and 3 12pks for $18.00. 1572180716

Sonya Ziegler @sonyaziegler July 12th at 3:33am
I got cherry cokes and my $4 didn’t come off(it was clipped and still is) 😩. 1572185444

Ajay Barot @ajaybarot July 12th at 3:33am
Mine came off. 1572189282

John A Martin @johnamartin July 12th at 3:33am
I just grabbed a $1 box of cheez its. And it worked!. 1572189438

Mary Bottomley @marybottomley July 12th at 3:33am
So the 4.00 work more than once? Or do you have 2 of those coupons?. 1572189647

Barbara Huntley @barbarahuntley July 12th at 3:33am
You dont have to get both with the $4...I used it on just cheez-its. 1572193402

Allen Glover @allenglover July 12th at 3:33am
Did this work right...I’m in MI. 1572193616

Jason Tokarski @jasontokarski July 12th at 3:33am
I got just cokes and it worked for me! I paid a little over $4 for 3 packs!. 1572195026

Heather Aikens @heatheraikens July 12th at 3:33am
How do I get the 4.00 off coupon again?. 1572196687

Rebecca Reynolds @rebeccareynolds July 12th at 3:33am
Does anyone know the number to text jolly too?. 1572200147

Hasan Kamil @hasankamil July 12th at 3:33am
I got 3 packs 2 coke 1 Sprite and a can of pringles (only bc my kids love them) and was 5.50 before taxes. 1572200582

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