Link !

Eriko Ito @erikoito July 4th at 5:19pm

Can someone tell me why my 5/20 gain did not attach? Can you not have 5/25 and 5/20 gain together?


Seth Caswell @sethcaswell July 4th at 5:19pm
A lot of the scents aren’t attaching.. 1572140109

Terryll Williams @terryllwilliams July 4th at 5:19pm
Does your mr clean have gain scent?. 1572140174

Jay R Geronimo @jayrgeronimo July 4th at 5:19pm
U have to make sure your scent attaches to 5/20 DQ. 1572140236

Aimee Meyers @aimeemeyers July 4th at 5:19pm
I was told u had to spend $30 and I did earlier and they both attached. 1572140273

Paul Pool @paulpool July 4th at 5:19pm
And I kno for sure only original and midnight fling are the only scent attaching. 1572140305

Adebayo Bolaji @adebayobolaji July 4th at 5:19pm
I scammed everything on the app and everything attached to the 5/20 everything was original scent and mr clean was gain as well. I’m wondering if 5/20 and 5/25 are not allowed anymore? They used to both attach and these last two Saturday’s it only does one. 1572140409

Christina Loizidou @christinaloizidou July 4th at 5:19pm
I spent 25 and both 5/20 and 5/25 came off must be the scents that didn't attach I always scan my items to make sure the coupons apply. 1572140451

Vincent Oliver @vincentoliver July 4th at 5:19pm
Are your Swiffer wipes n Mr clean gain?. 1572141192

Vernon Corbin @vernoncorbin July 4th at 5:19pm
Both came off for me too today. 1572141850

Kyle Duane @kyleduane July 4th at 5:19pm
They both work together. I didnt last weekend on 3 different transactions. 1572141889

Christina Goulet @christinagoulet July 4th at 5:19pm
for this and for future concerns if you add all you "store discounts" they should add to $10 IF YOU'RE DOING THE $5/$20 GAIN AND $5/$25. 1572144290

Romain Gay @romaingay July 4th at 5:19pm
Some stores the 2 will not attach. I have stores that I will not go to because of this. Try another store. Hopefully you will find one that works for you. But also there are some scents that the $5/$20 will not attach to.. 1572198443

Michael Mcquarrie 2019/10/26

Paid 11.90+ tax , the $5/$20 Gain digital didn’t go through, but I’m not too upset about it. Only my second time doing this!!

Ahmed Shawky 2019/10/26

OOP $10.11 retail $30.01 Coupons used all digital Gain 5/20 DG 5/25 Purina dog chow bogo Swiffer 2 Swiffer 2 Gain 2 Gain 2

Mohini Saini 2019/10/26
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