Link !

Carly Wilkinson @carlywilkinson July 12th at 2:05am

So I went and did the gain 5/20 And since its Saturday I did up to 25 so I could use 5/25. The 5/20 didn't come off and they said it was because I couldn't use the 2 together.


Shelly Tanner @shellytanner July 12th at 2:05am
That happened to me today and i just voided and went to another dollar general.. 1572118775

Juan Cota @juancota July 12th at 2:05am
What scents did you get?. 1572118777

Jackie Neumann @jackieneumann July 12th at 2:05am
Ur total had to be $30. 1572118802

Eric Braithwaite @ericbraithwaite July 12th at 2:05am
I’ve never had this problem. They always work together for me and my total is usually less than $26.. 1572118849

Shannon Gallo @shannongallo July 12th at 2:05am
So does ur total have to be $25 before ur coupons come off in order for the $5 off 25 to work ? Or does it have to be $25 after ur digitals come off. ?. 1572118884

Jordan Hastings @jordanhastings July 12th at 2:05am
No problems here and my total was $25.60, they both come off. Normally when one doesnt work it is because one of the products didnt attach.. 1572119143

Alanis Lopez @alanislopez July 12th at 2:05am
It worked on mine. 1572119502

Elaine Pollard @elainepollard July 12th at 2:05am
Same thing happened to me. 1572119763

Bill Nettleton @billnettleton July 12th at 2:05am
Same happen to me today. And my other gain coupns wouldnt come off. Even when i had them ring it up by them self. 1572120053

Tony Stephens @tonystephens July 12th at 2:05am
Enter your number right after the cashier scans the first item. They can't stop it from working. It should go through. Try it one more time with both 5/25 and gain 5/20 and right when she scans the first item put your number in. 1572120645

Susie Dow @susiedow July 12th at 2:05am
Mine did cause they did paper coupon first then digital. 🤳👍. 1572121575

Jose Moreira @josemoreira July 12th at 2:05am
Make sure your total gets up to 25 before tax.. 1572121581

Robin Maxon @robinmaxon July 12th at 2:05am
i think its the store today 🙄 i went in they charged me $10 at first and i was like thats not right void it and ill readd in case my fault well i was right we rescanned the same things enter my number and it dropped to $0.16 for it. tried it on my husbands account said it was $12 i was like nope void it dont worry about it.. 1572121983

Jennifer Nhan @jennifernhan July 12th at 2:05am
Manager told us wait until cashier hits total them put in your number. Works everytime. 1572122570

Valentin Chavez @valentinchavez July 12th at 2:05am
No problem using the $4 coke $5/20Gain, the $5/25 total , various digital coupons. On my second order I bought Coke and used those coupons, the $5/20 Halloween candy, $5/25, and another candy coupon.. 1572124574

Dennis Brooker @dennisbrooker July 12th at 2:05am
I did today. 1572125052

Breanna Keith @breannakeith July 12th at 2:05am
It never worked for me either and I had over $30 🤷🏼‍♀️ they told me the same thing. 1572125377

Lina Ahmed @linaahmed July 12th at 2:05am
You have to use pq $5/$25 or make sure scents are right.. 1572126475

Daniel Kanu @danielkanu July 12th at 2:05am
Manager at my store said to scan paper $5/25 first then do all digital. Our store will not take off the 5/25 if you scan ur digital first if your digital have a $5/$20 coupon also. 1572127933

Tony Knudsen @tonyknudsen July 12th at 2:05am
They wouldn't let me use the 5 off of 20 gain coupon. 1572128192

Princess Rodriguez @princessrodriguez July 12th at 2:05am
I had this same problem at one DG but at a diffrent DG it did work. 1572130244

Lileth Bautista @lilethbautista July 12th at 2:05am
I scanned all mine and it attached to the gain but then at register it only took the 5/25 not the 5/20 too. 1572139820

Debbie Dubose @debbiedubose July 12th at 2:05am
That happened today with me also but when I did it on the second transaction using a paper coupon it worked. 1572143723

Roberto Fuentes @robertofuentes July 12th at 2:05am
I had no issues. Total was $29.95 - $3 instant savings =$26.95 Total before adding my # in. Have to make sure to account for the total before digitals are entered.. 1572144498

Mallory Wheeler @mallorywheeler July 12th at 2:05am
You have to get your total to $30 I believe... I did it over 25 times today. 1572165651

Rajiv Varma 2019/10/26

Just walked into my DG & more multiple Gain coupons at once anymore. As coupon says only one per customer per household.

Ronny Greer 2019/10/26
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Naina Qureshi 2019/10/26

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Shaim Khan 2019/10/26

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