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Wahhab Honolulu @wahhabhonolulu August 9th at 9:25pm

Quick & easy morning for me. Was done for 9 stores opened at 8😁. Felt i did a great job. A total of 5 transactions. Total savings of $94. Oop $69.18 with tax. I posted my receipts, and also the scenario. and i also did the gain scenario twice. All together I have 3 -24 ct cottonelle, 9- 6 ct cottonelle, 4-6 roll paper towels scott, 2-12ct toilet paper scott, 2 tide ultra oxl clean detergent, 2 bags of gain flings, 4- mr clean gain, 2-gain fab softners, 2-febreze gain, 1-swiffer refill gain , 1- swiffer gain liqud. My stores didnt have the gain dish soap so i sub it with the swiiffer items.


Michael Welker @michaelwelker August 9th at 9:25pm
Celina Leuenberger see this was a good deal she had multiple transactions but with your one transaction u could did this one. 1572102055

Peter Peralta @peterperalta August 9th at 9:25pm
All u useing is the dollar general app. 1572102121

Mizan Khan @mizankhan August 9th at 9:25pm
What's the $1 coupon? I cant really see it. 1572102282

Priscilla Pereira @priscillapereira August 9th at 9:25pm
Same here. 1572102537

Eric Yow @ericyow August 9th at 9:25pm
Awesome deal ma’am. 1572102621

Caroline Briggs @carolinebriggs August 9th at 9:25pm
Good job but if u have 2-3 family members number u get another $5 off for each. 1572103149

Ashley Platt @ashleyplatt August 9th at 9:25pm
How much the cottonelle?. 1572103183

Bob Jarvis @bobjarvis August 9th at 9:25pm
Im so confused. Mines not showing $31. So after coupons and instant savings is it going to drop down to $12 + tax?. 1572103234

Lisa Turano @lisaturano August 9th at 9:25pm
I got it for 16 dollars I didn’t have the 1 dollar of Cottonelle. 1572103360

Aaron Tremblay @aarontremblay August 9th at 9:25pm
Mines showing a much higher oop? What am I doing wrong?. 1572106526

Markeith Johnson @markeithjohnson August 9th at 9:25pm
. 1572110868

James Burgess @jamesburgess August 9th at 9:25pm
Is the 5/25 attaching? For some reason my 5/25 isn’t attaching with any instant store promotions. For example this 3/15 and the 2/10 for Lysol. 1572111285

Liza Mata @lizamata August 9th at 9:25pm
Irma Linda Herrera. 1572112953

Carl Jorgensen @carljorgensen August 9th at 9:25pm
Is there still an instant savings on Scott. 1572115228

Paul Forman @paulforman August 9th at 9:25pm
Eva Whitetree. 1572118576

Brandi Gough @brandigough August 9th at 9:25pm
April Sheridan-Lovelace. 1572126144

Lucie White @luciewhite August 9th at 9:25pm
Awesome. 1572126148

Sheriff Jallow 2019/10/26
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Sooo, I’m semi excited. This is my first scenario. I had a scenario from a friend...I had to adjust because they were out of two items. Spent about $22 & saved $14. What do y’all think?

Joe Anderton 2019/10/26

Subtotal is a little more because of my husbands drinks. This includes the 5 off 25 digital as well.

Ernesto Bustamante 2019/10/26

looking for all digital scenario for today with gain, trash bags, cleaner, and toliet paper

Lewis Hearn 2019/10/26

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