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Jay Stanton @jaystanton August 9th at 11:28pm

【FR】Kit Explorateur & Rape Pieds Electrique Remboursement après R-E-W + Frais PP Mp moi si vous êtres intéressé, merci


Lewis Hearn 2019/10/26

【US】STEM Building Toy Car Re-fund after R-E-W + PP Fees Pm me if interested, thanks

Travis Pullen 2019/10/26
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In less than an hour and 5 transactions, I got all that I wanted even though I messed up 2 transactions by adding the Downy when it was only a contingency item and the 12 pack of Sprite because I didn't see the 6 pack at first! But I spent $56.30 for $132.85 worth of items. That's roughly $1.70 per item! I spent $6.30 more than I planned but I'm pretty happy with the fact that I have no where to put all of this bathroom tissue! Receipts in comments.

Charles Mance 2019/10/26

Whats the best way to use the 4$ off 10$ or more on coke products plus the 1$ off any 3

John Klinkhammer 2019/10/26
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My haul this morning $32.80 after tax This was 2 transactions One with just gain and one with glade, crest, gain and tp breakdown is messy and there are 3 extras I added to the second (lint roller .50) and 2 glade (1.35 each, on sale half price)