Link !

Antonia Robertson @antoniarobertson July 12th at 2:45am

Im a bit late but i need a good scenario for coke products... Help?


Simon Gjonaj @simongjonaj July 12th at 2:45am
F. 1572065606

Pradeep Puri @pradeeppuri July 12th at 2:45am
. 1572065633

Cherry Myint @cherrymyint July 12th at 2:45am
. 1572065656

Miles Rice @milesrice July 12th at 2:45am
What happens if you have two of the $2 dollars of 3 how do you use them?. 1572066549

Lalitha Raj @lalitharaj July 12th at 2:45am
Anyone have anything for the cheez it’s ? Lol. 1572067172

Sergio Marques @sergiomarques July 12th at 2:45am
Or Pringle’s. 1572067185

Rodrick Miller @rodrickmiller July 12th at 2:45am
. 1572069405

Sam Colclough @samcolclough July 12th at 2:45am
six six packs...I'm pretty sure you have to get the pringles or cheezits too...they changed the coupon.. 1572085588

Mike Bursey @mikebursey July 12th at 2:45am
Should I do the 6 pack or 12 pack?. 1572098060

Laura Gillam @lauragillam July 12th at 2:45am
My sister received the 2-$2 I’m so upset lol. 1572100379

Edward Latham @edwardlatham July 12th at 2:45am
Dr pepper 6 packs are 3/$8 with coupon 3/$6 & I found $1/2 so $5 for 3!!. 1572118971

Andy Heid @andyheid July 12th at 2:45am
This is what I ended up doing because they didn’t have things I wanted. I was going to pass on the coke deal. I’m glad I did it! Actually ended up doing it twice since I saved so much doing it this way. 😊. 1572122562

Will Jon 2019/10/25

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Rod Stephenson 2019/10/25

I am a new member of the DG. Digital couponer and still haven't received my digital coupons yet

Khadija Ahmed 2019/10/25

I'm new and I was wounding do I have to spend $25 with all other coupons for the $5/$25 or is the $5/$25 taken off before the other coupons and discounts are added in PLEASE HELP !!!

Jocelyn Capote 2019/10/25
Photos from Lau Jacky's post.

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