Link !

Keith Nevin @keithnevin July 12th at 3:02am

Got mine 415 each transaction did 4 transactions


Desiree G @desireeg July 12th at 3:02am
😭 my $4 off disappeared before I could use it..... 1571770420

Alban Ademi @albanademi July 12th at 3:02am
My was 6.15 something didn’t come off. 1571771137

Lilly Cunningham @lillycunningham July 12th at 3:02am
Yeah mine wouldn't work...they claim I couldn't use both coupons. 1571777252

Margarette Garcia @margarettegarcia July 12th at 3:02am
Mine didn't work. It took off the $2 dq first, so didn't qualify for the $4/$10. ☹. 1571786111

Gabrielle Sun @gabriellesun July 12th at 3:02am
I need to do this! 🤦🏻‍♀️. 1571832396

Tyreese Williams @tyreesewilliams July 12th at 3:02am
Random but my name is jerri (first) Anne(middle) and I've been called by your name my entire life. 1572193874

Virginia Dominguez 2019/10/22
Photos from Brittney R Williams's post.

Can anyone help me with a senerio for these for low oop. So far best I can do is around 8$. I realized I have 2 of the BOGO and 2 2/2 coupons. Don't know if that helps. I use the plug in things for Christmas gifts.